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Expand your horizons - Enlarge your home with Scorpion Group's creative solutions


In a space designed by you, for you.

Sunroom extension on a modern bungalow with a low maintenance patio rear garden

In every home, there's room to grow. Home additions by Scorpion Group are more than just extra space—they're custom-crafted expansions of your living area, designed with your needs and aspirations in mind. From sunrooms basked in natural light to additional bedrooms for your growing family, we extend your home elegantly and efficiently. Let Scorpion Group's expertise guide you to a home addition that flows seamlessly with your existing structure and enhances your lifestyle.


Discover your home expansion's potential

Feel like your home isn't quite complete?

You're not alone. Many homeowners realize their space needs to evolve over time.

At Scorpion Group, we're more than contractors – we're your partners in making pivotal home transformations happen smoothly. Specializing in home additions, we bring expertise to your big decisions, ensuring they’re not just smart but also seamlessly integrated into your current space.

Top 3 reasons homeowners choose additions with us:

  1. Family growth: Preparing for a new baby, designing teen-friendly spaces, or welcoming in-laws - our additions make room for everyone to call home.

  2. Lifestyle evolution: From expansive garages to gourmet kitchens, our skilled team tailors each project to fit your evolving lifestyle needs.

  3. Investment value: Enhancing your home adds to its market value. Plus, with favorable interest rates, it’s an investment that makes sense now more than ever.

Bespoke Western Red Cedar Clad Home Garden Office with Bifold Doors, Slate Terrace, Barbecue and Firepit with Raised Flower Beds

Elevate Your Living Experience with Space to Spare

In the dynamic story of your life, your home is the central setting. But as the plot thickens, sometimes you need a little more space to let the narrative breathe. That's where Scorpion Group steps in, seamlessly integrating new chapters into your home with expertly designed additions that resonate with your evolving story.

A home addition with us is more than an expansion; it's a thoughtful extension of your living area, crafted with precision and tailored to your life's unique script. Whether it's a sunlit study for your scholarly pursuits, a playroom for the little ones' daily adventures, or a sophisticated lounge for evening soirees, we're here to turn your what-ifs into reality.


Crafted for Cohesion, Designed for Life

Our home additions are conversations between function and form, where every nail, nook, and nuance is a testament to our commitment to quality and our attention to your desires. Scorpion Group's approach isn't just about adding space—it's about enhancing your home's character and increasing its value, with the utmost respect for your original vision.

With us, your investment is secure, your vision is honored, and your home's potential is fully realized. Connect with us today, and let's discuss how our home addition solutions can give you the space you need to grow into the future you envision.


Carpenters on the roof of new building addition



Begin Your Transformation Today

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