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Savor every sunset - Craft your outdoor haven with Scorpion Group's expertise


In a space designed by you, for you.

In every home, a deck or patio is more than a place to lounge—it's where laughter fills the air and life unwinds. At Scorpion Group, we craft these outdoor extensions to harmonize with your lifestyle, creating the perfect backdrop for memories under the sky. Our expertise in outdoor living spaces is just the beginning; we tailor every detail to suit your outdoor entertainment and relaxation needs. Opt for Scorpion Group for a blend of style, durability, and seamless indoor-outdoor living that elevates your home. 


Tailored Spaces for Timeless Memories

Begin the creation of your open-air retreat with Scorpion Group. Our seasoned designers are visionaries of outdoor living, blending materials like classic hardwoods and modern composites to fashion decks and patios that are not only stunning but sustainable.

Young couple drinking wine by the fire pit



The Zenith of Customization

Don’t limit your home to the space within its walls. Your personal paradise awaits just steps away in the great outdoors. Scorpion Group excels in crafting bespoke decks and patios that serve as the heart of family life — where you'll host weekend BBQs, indulge in lazy afternoons with friends, or unwind with loved ones under the stars. Create a space where family and friends come together, laughter fills the air, and every moment becomes a cherished memory.

Happy family eating breakfast outdoors on the terrace

A Retreat Designed With Your Dreams in Mind

Scorpion Group believes your outdoor area should be a reflection of your lifestyle. Whether you're seeking a sun-soaked deck for your morning yoga sessions or a cool, shaded patio for vigorous outdoor workouts, we meticulously tailor every detail to fit your vision for an energizing, open-air living space. With Scorpion Group, embrace a personalized retreat that's as active and rejuvenating as you are.


Begin Your Transformation Today

 Ready to create the perfect outdoor haven? 

Contact Scorpion Group now to schedule a FREE consultation. Your dream deck or patio—a place where family fun and friendly gatherings bloom—is just a call away.

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