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Begin anew - Build your dream home from the ground up with Scorpion Group’s expertise

Envision the possibilities of your dream home

In a space designed by you, for you.

Modern Villa Exterior In Summer

Envision the possibilities of a home designed precisely to your specs, where every detail, from foundation to finish, is chosen by you. Scorpion Group is here to bring that vision to life, offering personalized construction that captures your essence and caters to your every need. Start the journey to your brand new home, where memories await to be created .


Discover Your Dream Home’s Potential


Dive into a world where design meets innovation. Our curated collection showcases the most recent architectural trends shaping homes in the Maryland and Washington area. From the seamless integration of eco-friendly materials to the embrace of minimalist aesthetics, explore how these trends can transform your custom house into a modern masterpiece. Let's make your dream home a reality with the latest in design and sustainability.

Classic charm

Colonial Style House
Urban Bungalow
Front view of large cape cod style home with custom feautures
Modern farmhouse design with beautiful white siding

Modern elegance

Modern house. Evening view. Interior and exterior
Modern cubic villa with wooden element in the evening
Modern villa with wooden and black stone facade
Modern Minimalist Family Villa
Modern house exterior evening view with interior lighting

Eco-Friendly Innovations

Modern house with solar panels and green roof
Solar panels and solar energy for the home
Home with veranda at night
3d render of forest house with large windows at night

Luxury Living

3d rendering of new concrete house in modern style in winter night
Luxurious Villa Exterior With Swimming Pool
Luxury contemporary mansion with pool


 Ready to envision your new residence? 

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